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Smoke Or Fire: What Is The Best Type Of Fire Alarm

When protecting your home and your family from fire, there is no substitute for a good fire alarm system. Fire alarms provide an early warning that can give you the precious seconds you need to evacuate your home and get to safety.

But fire alarms are not just for homes. They are also an essential part of protecting businesses and other commercial properties. In fact, many local fire codes require commercial properties to have a certain number of fire alarms installed.

There are many different types of fire alarms on the market. So, let’s break down which one is right for your needs:

Optical Smoke Alarms

An optical smoke alarm uses a light sensor to detect the presence of smoke in the air. They are most often used in commercial properties but are not rare in homes either. These alarms are more sensitive than other types, detecting smoke, even at lower concentrations. This means that they go off sooner, even at a distance from the fire, giving you more time to evacuate. Looking for an especially sensitive alarm for your home or business? An optical smoke may be for you.

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Heat Alarms

A heat alarm is triggered specifically by temperature. It is designed to sound an alarm when the surrounding temperature reaches a certain level. This type of alarm is often used in conjunction with a smoke alarm to give homeowners a comprehensive system in the event of a fire.

A heat alarm is best placed in locations most at risk of fire. Because they rely entirely on the detection of heat, they will activate before the fire even begins to produce smoke. In a situation where seconds can make the difference between a successful evacuation and tragedy, this alarm can make all the difference.

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Multi-Sensor Smoke Alarms

Multi-sensor smoke alarms combine the benefits of both optical smoke and heat alarms. This enables the lightning-fast detection of fire and reduces false alarms by using multiple sensors to detect smoke. These high-quality fire alarms offer peace of mind with comprehensive fire detection and minimal false alarms.

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